by Judy Longhouse

Here's the direct poop according
to Judy:

If you were hoping to read some inspiring tales about a truly great dog...this isn't the book for you.  My advice would be to skip it entirely.  Dig up some old copies of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin or Beautiful Joe.   Those are books about dogs of great courage, nobility and depth of character.  You'll love reading about them.  Instead, this is a book about a persnickety, opinionated and egocentric Italian Greyhound with a Queen complex.  Her name is Gracie.

However, this isn't a book about Italian Greyhounds.  There are canine Queens in every breed of dog.  Most Gracies are female, but there are some males in every breed who behave much like Grace.  When reading this book many of you will smile and remember your own much loved dogs.  Others of you will laugh out loud and be grateful that I've got her and you don't.  So sit back, leaf through the pages and enjoy these Tails....er Tales of Gracie.  Each one is brimming with humor and with the joy of truly loving a dog!"

If you'd like a sample from this book...please enjoy the "Tail" by clicking here!

Any profit resulting from the sale of these books will be used on behalf of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.* This book is a First Edition, Second Printing copy.

How to Order:

$15 per book unsigned or
$17.50 per signed book

The cost of shipping one book is approximately $2.50 depending on where you live,
via USPS First Class
The cost of shipping two or three books is approximately $3.50 via USPS Media Mail
For the cost of shipping four or more books just use your imagination

Please make your checks or money orders payable to Judy Longhouse and mail to:
Mrs. Judy Longhouse
515 Kimberly Ave.
Leesburg, FL 34788

*Once the printing costs are covered....Judy will use your book payments to purchase items for the new igrescueone Ebay site! Check it out! Every penny in profit from that site also benefits IGRF!!! If you would like to donate a little "extra" to cover shipping costs that would be great....but if not...that's OK too!!!

Judy's hope is that you will enjoy reading this book as much as she enjoyed writing it!!!!!!