Meet Enzo. Enzo is a two year old, male IG. He has become one of our favorite foster dogs ever and if there was any room at the inn, we would not let him go. Enzo has a great personality that is both super loving and playful. Once comfortable, you will fall head over heels for this handsome boy, as he is irresistible. Enzo has worked really hard on developing good potty habits and will pretty much go potty on command now. Just in case you're not paying well enough attention, he'll let you know by walking over to and hanging out by the door. Saying, "hey lady, let me outside, I gotta go potty!" He has two IG foster dogs he lives with and gets along with them very well. Enzo has never lived without dogs so having another dog in the home will be important. While it doesn't have to be another IG, keep in mind, Enzo loves to play, so the other dog(s) should be of similar temperament and size. There are also a few cats here and he does not sweat them at all. He's shed a few pounds since he got here and looks amazing. He has a clean bill of health from the doc, although he does have luxating patellas, they have not been a problem in the several months he's been here.

Enzo's big challenge is the size of his world before he arrived, it was very small. Life scares Enzo. He has been especially brave since being here trying all sorts of new things. He's been on overnights with us, hiking with us, the dog park, even walking on a leash was new to him. It took Enzo some time and love before he trusted us enough to go along on all these new adventures. The perfect home for Enzo will be an experienced dog owner whom has time and patience to work with him. Once he's comfortable with you, his personality comes shining through and this is one awesome, amazing dog. Super great company. He rarely barks and I mean rarely. In three months the only time he's barked is during a particular game he likes to play. Once this boy gets comfortable with you, he is so much fun to have around. I promise he will bring laughter, joy and love to your life. He will require a commitment on your part to be patient, understanding, kind, gentle and loving while he makes the adjustment to a new home and new person. Once he's bonded with you, forget it, he's dedicated to you forever.

How To Adopt

Please write directly to Nor Cal IG Rescue Rep Barbara Birt at: bjb5557@sbcglobal.net, or visit Nor Cal IG Rescue if you would be interested in adopting Enzo or know of someone who would provide a loving home. Enzo deserves THE BEST!