a Very Special Rescue!!!

There is a little 6 year old IG girl by the name of Nina in Missouri who was recently turned in to IGCA Rescue. Julie Payne, the IGCA Rescue Rep and Area Co-ordinator, says that Nina is happy and playful. Everyone who meets her loves her!!!

Nina lost her feet at birth so she has been getting around on her front legs for years. IGCA Rescue is going to try to get her at least one prosthetic limb as her front legs are showing a lot of strain.

The BIA Crew is hoping that you will find it in your heart to not only support the BIA but perhaps also send a special donation to directly help Nina. Please click on the paypal link and help little Nina. We guarantee that you will smile the next time you look at yourself in the mirror because you will be looking at the face of a loving, caring person!!!!!

We hope that Nina will soon have a loving family of human Godparents who have been willing to help her. Nina is healthy and should have many years ahead of her to enjoy each and every day. All of us together can make such a positive difference in this dog's life!!!!

How To Support Nina

Please consider a special donation to IGCA to help Nina get a prosthetic limb. Thank you for your financial support!